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Protecting Your Investment with Sealcoat

Why Sealcoat?

Would you stand out in the sun or rain for multiple years without applying sun block or wearing a raincoat? This may seem like a silly question, but its no laughing matter for property owners who have invested in asphalt for their property. Whether its a parking lot or driveway, patio or walkway, sealing your asphalt surface every three to five years will protect it from failing, cracking, fading, drying-out, water damage, gas, and oil . . . just like your own skin.


Sealing more than doubles the life of your asphalt, saving you thousands while also enhancing the look of your property. Its pennies to the dollar when compared to performing hot asphalt overlays or replacements – you do the math!

Why Does Asphalt Fail?

An asphalt surface endures many stressors including traffic and - most importantly - WEATHER. Over time, these stresses cause surface oxidation (graying) which allow the asphalt aggregate (stress resisting material) to wash away. Hairline cracks form and, if left un-treated, they get bigger over time. Water penetrates the surface through these cracks and ultimately deteriorates the asphalt from the base up. Potholes develop when the base of the asphalt is week and traffic continues to cause stress on the surface. Sealing and crack filling should be done as soon as any of these stresses are noted to avoid costly replacement

What is the Process?

We Scrape and Remove Dirt and Debris: Special care and attention is given to removing dirt and debris from cracks and trouble areas. This creates a clean surface on which to apply crack-filler (if needed) and seal coat.


We Power Blow and Water Wash: All loose stones and debris are removed from the surface using a high-power commercial blower. This ensures a good bond between the seal coat and asphalt pavement. In addition, the surface is washed with water to promote optimal seal adhesion.


We Fill Cracks: The single greatest cause of asphalt failure is the intrusion of water. Cracks are filled with high-quality commercial-grade crack filler to prohibit water damage.


We Sealcoat: We restore, revitalize, protect, and prolong your asphalt surface by applying a commercial-grade asphalt seal.


We Stripe: Community Safety Services applies clearly marked directional arrows, parking stall lines, disabled parking, van accessible, pedestrian walkways, and custom stenciling. This promotes efficient traffic flow, increased public safety, and compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. It’s the perfect finishing touch to any newly revitalized parking lot.

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